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Claims, quality, liability limitation, warranty and forfeiture

The buyer is required to report any alleged defect in the purchased goods within 8 days from delivery, under penalty of forfeiture; to this end, only complaints received within the aforementioned period by registered mail with return receipt or certified e-mail to kmp.srl@legalmail.it will be considered valid.

In any case, the complaint will not be considered valid in the absence of a precise description allowing the seller to carry out a verification.

Any apparent damage or defect in the goods sold, as well as irregularities in the specifications of the order, will only give the buyer the right to request a replacement excluding any liability for direct or indirect damages.

The buyer undertakes to carefully read the instructions contained in the user and maintenance manual, to verify the type and voltage of power supply required, to comply with the prescriptions therein, and not to tamper with or alter the machine, under penalty of forfeiture of the warranty.

The seller acknowledges 1 year warranty on the product from the date indicated in the document accompanying the goods, assuming that the product itself is properly used,
installed and/or stored.

The warranty do not, in any case, cover defects and/or faults in the product, complained of by the Buyer, arising from and/or consisting of:

(a) improper use and applications of the product, resulting, in particular, from failure to comply with the rules and instructions contained in the user manual delivered with the product;
(b) any repair, alteration and/or modification of the product not previously authorized in writing by KMP Srl;
(c) replacement of original spare parts with non-original spare parts not previously authorized in writing by KMP Srl;
d) ordinary wear and tear of the product and/or of one of its components;
e) poor maintenance of the product;
f) any other cause not attributable to the negligence of KMP Srl
g) the warranty does not cover, in addition, the electrical/electronic parts for damages that have emerged as a result of improper use and/or installation carried out by non-specialized personnel or, in any case, installation carried out not in compliance with the instructions contained in the user manual delivered with the product.

The Buyer must inspect or have inspected the product immediately upon its arrival.
Under penalty of forfeiture of the warranty, the Buyer must give written notice of any apparent defects, if any, no later than 8 (eight) days from the date on which the product arrives.
It is agreed that apparent defects are only those related to the quantity and model of the delivered product, as well as damages resulting from transportation which are visible from the packaging.
In any case, under penalty of loss of warranty, hidden defects of the product must be communicated in writing by the Buyer no later than 8 (eight) days from the date of their discovery.

The warranty obligation of KMP Srl, should KMP Srl be notified of the existence of defects, is limited to the (a) repair and/or (b) replacement of the defective product by delivery of a replacement product “ex-works” at the premises of KMP Srl in Via del Lavoro, 45, 36034 Malo (VI) – Italy, without any other liability, in relation to the aforementioned defects, not even towards third parties.
In order to allow KMP Srl to verify the existence of the defects, the purchaser must send to KMP Srl, at its own expense, the product, spare parts and/or parts allegedly defective, marked with the serial number of the defective product.

To the extent imposed by applicable law, any further warranties, express or implied, of conformity or merchantability, as well as any other obligations or liabilities, including those for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages to Buyer and third parties, are expressly excluded and waived by the Buyer.

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