TR 95

Professional pasta machine for kneading and extruding fresh pasta

TR 95, with cooling up to 9kg per cycle, max 23 kg/h.

La Pastaia pasta machines allow you to knead and extrude doughs made with any type of flour to which water or eggs are added. After a few minutes of work in kneading mode, you can switch to extrusion mode to obtain the desired pasta shape. You can also obtain pasta sheet via the extrusion process, speeding up manual production of filled pasta.
  • Parts in contact with the product to be processed are made of stainless steel or material suitable for food contact
  • Available models: single-phase or three-phase
  • Extrusion sleeve with cooling unit
  • Electronic knife for automatic cutting of short pasta, supplied as standard
  • Pasta drying fan supplied as standard
  • Sieve holding bars supplied as standard
  • Working parts that can rotate in both directions
  • Easy disassembly of working parts with free access to the machine for thorough cleaning
  • Possibility to produce different pasta shapes just by changing the die
  • Available with stainless steel or white painted body
  • Supplied accessories: sleeve with cooling unit, liquid measuring jug, wrench for fixing ring, pasta-collecting sieve
  • Accessories on request: trolley with wheels for table-top version, dies of various sizes, cooling tank
Ideal for kneading:
  • Pasta