SF 600 TC

The ultimate dough sheeter with cutting unit

SF 600 TC: velocità, multifunzionalità e professionalità.

Reliable, solid, efficient. Kemplex dough sheeters are designed and engineered to ensure extremely easy and functional use, in full compliance with international safety standards. The SF 600 TC is the most complete of the professional dough sheeters and is equipped with removable worktops and designed to fit a croissant cutting unit (or other shapes on request). Ideal for bakeries and pastry shops.
  • Cast aluminum shoulders to ensure maximum vibration absorption and reduced noise levels
  • Rolling cylinder length 600mm
  • Removable and liftable motorized worktops to reduce footprint when not in use
  • Available with 1200, 1300, 1400, 1500mm worktops
  • Reverse sheeting direction usingdirectional bar and pedalsupplied as standard
  • Precise and consistent thickness adjustment
  • Easily removable scrapers for daily cleaning at end of the working day
  • Flour-collecting trays supplied as standard
  • Dough collecting extensions supplied as standard
  • 3-phase model with 2 speeds available: the first speed is slowed down to make the cutting unit easier to use
  • Also available single-phase with variable speed
Ideal for kneading:
  • Pasticceria