MOMA 160

Spiral mixer with fixed bowl, 2 motors, 2 speeds

A reliable working partner with an essential and elegant design. A solid machine with low consumption and easy to clean, that can meet every need. With Moma, excellence is not just felt: it is seen and experienced, day after day.

  • INTUITIVE INTERFACE Allows you to manage all functions with a few simple steps: 2 working speeds, 2 timers, automatic cycle
  • BOWL AND SPIRAL Both made of high-strength stainless steel. Shapes, dimensions and distances are designed to guarantee an unrivalled result
  • PERFECT DOUGH Every detail of Moma is designed to create dough with a perfect texture, as if handmade
  • MOMA PLUS This version has indirect transmission with bevel gearbox on the spiral
Ideal for kneading:
  • Pane
  • Pizza